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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Email/comment to Ryan Singel

Following is the email response I sent to Wired's Ryan Singel responding to his post, in which I asked him to post my response as an Update (he hasn't). I also left this as a comment on his blog, but he refuses to allow it even to appear:

You're the one misleading your readers with quotes. Here is the full sentence that I wrote, which you failed to quote -- on purpose in order to mislead (emphasis added):

"After my first article about Wired in June, Singel emailed me to defend Poulsen and contest my objections but wrote: 'I've long been a fan of your work and I'll continue to be'."
I included exactly that which you tried to imply I omitted -- that you "emailed me to defend Poulsen and contest my objections."

You also lied when claiming you didn't say our email exchange was on the record. On June 17, you sent me the first email that started our exchange and wrote: "Feel free to use any or none of this on the record." [Added: The email from which I quoted was your next one, sent the following day, June 18].

You should add this email as an update to your post, as it constitutes (a) my response and (b) my allegation that your post is misleading in two critical respects.