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I was previously a constitutional law and civil rights litigator and am now a journalist. I am the author of three New York Times bestselling books -- "How Would a Patriot Act" (a critique of Bush executive power theories), "Tragic Legacy" (documenting the Bush legacy), and With Liberty and Justice for Some (critiquing America's two-tiered justice system and the collapse of the rule of law for its political and financial elites). My fifth book - No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA and the US Surveillance State - will be released on April 29, 2014 by Holt/Metropolitan.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Next on NBC

Several commenters predicted what future NBC episodes will likely entail, including this from 2millionlightyearstoandromeda:
The celebrity with the fewest points will spin a giant wheel and have to endure whatever “enhanced interrogation technique” it lands on. (NBC has assured its affiliates that if the wheel lands on “electroshocks to the genitals” all naughty bits will be censored.)
The celebrities with the most points move on to next week’s episode. There they will lead a caravan of Humvees through downtown Hollywood spraying bullets at anyone who looks like they may have ever cracked open a Koran.
The celebrity with the most “militants” killed will be showered in a celebration of depleted uranium confetti and receive a $100,000 check which will be donated to the defense contractor of their choosing.
Viewers at home who text the word BUGSPLAT to NBC will be entered to win a day with a CIA drone operator!
There you will learn how to launch a precision drone missile and kill a militant (plus his entire family, friends and all his farm animals)!
Nobody should give competing network executives any ideas.

Monday, August 13, 2012

From NBC's website